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I may need an extra layer today
Sharp as a tack
 I am peeled
until I'm within a membrane of my insecure containment field
is that cliche?
  Or can you just see me at my thinnest?
Throw pillows
I would wish for that.
From one suburb to the next my air differs
  I wonder if
feel the same.
  See, I lose sense of my personal shape amongst others
   and I repeat hypocritical mantras to myself
regarding relationships with
my associated forms of
Keep that damn mirror away from me, darling
I daren't share the view.
I'll shed off the layer
as needed
 with a level of confidence I'll never be able to gauge
I wonder if I impart such things
enough about me
 Tell me all about everything
about you
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 11 1
a w a y.
You turn this wondrous
city to convoluted cigarette
smokes of unnecessary tensions
black hole of disillusion.
You mistreat your friends
rippling in this mutual pool
of unbalanced treatment
one who feels but cannot be
beyond help.
I've served my time
I'm grown older present me
you disintegration I fear for you
lost lamb.
You have your kicks
away away from me
but also do please heal
you constant source of stress
and undeserving sympathies
sucker and in need of a different
kind of kinder mirror.
As with anyone, I'll love my
fellow human being but you push
and have pushed till you're far
away away from me please.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 15 3
Vociferate (vociferant)
Pudgy fingers
planted a seed.
Listlessly, curiously
after a day at school.
Humanely, the seed
was never famished
bogs and peats
making friendly conversation.
In its excitement
and fascination with its nutrients
so vivaciously
did it ascend
ascend to the questioning
and questionable heavens.
Mercy, was this sapling
happy and thick with itself.
Midlife crisis
alert, you've lost a
branch or two
naïve leaves unmissed.
Over-excessive naturality
you feared.
The tree shrank back
from the sad.
Now-slender fingers
stroke the tree's truncated
mast of bark.
Strength sourced variously
They had time for
each other to express
their regrets and open pores
old friends seldom die.
Fear became obsolete
to the awakened being.
Embracing stagnancy
the stunted passed peacefully.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 7
Thy inner paean
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 3 5
was unknown                
never knew his history                                            
Yet deeply                                                                        
he was thrown                  
into the accusatory                                        
            what makes me
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 16 16
the tap drips
as the glistening torrents
ride away thoughts of the past
i tighten my grip
to stop the excess
wastage, cold and judgmental
unlike the sea
beckoning me to grandstanding
upcoming life
and livelihoods
yes, i see the bigger picture
but i wish to embellish the moment
for until the time comes
where i may cross the partition into a new threshold
inadequacy threatens my daily structural integrity
drive drive drive
strive for breathing
i am breathing now
alone in my kitchen
the tap stops
as i contemplate tomorrow's breakfast.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 4
Unboxed and unimpressed
They are not robust,
    merely stubborn and inflexible
ready to suck such
energy of pragmatic vitality.
They tease of a thousand paths
    unimaginatively cubic
you change faces with your faces.
They scorn any emotional connection
    and never reciprocate.
you biased, indecisive prick, Rubik.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 6
What are your dreams?
How do you contort to life?
Where does your heart throb?
Who has influence over your limbs?
When did it come to this?
This, of course.
Joy is not an antihistamine
as one would wish.
I need life to be dour for optimism
to abound out of spite.
It is strong and resilient then
as I have never known otherwise.
What is this?
My blood type is nearly positive.
It holds to routine and obligation
but a stronger reductant courses my veins.
Do your hear a distant exhalation
of hesitant renewal, fear of hope?
Me neither. I feel it.
It swells, me, inside.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 19 10
Time for some poetry
where I work backwards
rushing through the rusty
factions of what has been
Before I sleep
and bid farewell
to the witch's keep
that is my private thoughts
It's an end of an era
anticlimactic yet optimistic
The stern got reworked
into an acute prong
Goodbye, dinghy
of childhood security and
abstract stability
I embrace the night
What has been achieved
this is the beginning
Larynx, get a grip
It’s the year of the Heart.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 13 7
One evenings' balmy diaeresis
The flips of pages
have yet to find me
with the aviation of
spliced narratives.
I’m dehydrated
and hypocritically aching
from the removal of
spiced nausea.
Your keg stands
low and akimbo
akin to the
spite of nascent
paucity freckles
the novel subject matter that
surround me nowadays.
An ending is near
I fear
inner snide at
narrow preparation.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 13 3
Recoil, vindication!
"Tell me from the bottom."
"Sterling, and sprightly."
"Well, I can see you're stressed."
"Youth these days."
"It’s not unusual, and you're not alone."
"He's my ultimate bête noir."
"Beseech, beset, where's the line?"
"I fear eye-contact."
"Be proud of how far you've come."
"Tonight, I’ll roast some veggies."
"One day, you'll be speaking a foreign language."
"They were choking."
"Recognise, and act, on this augury."
"I'll keep listening."
"However, don’t lose sight of yourself."
"For now."
"Furthermore, remember love."
"Vivid, while wise."
"Now, from the top."
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 10 2
Mislead coat hanger.
if I
write enough
I'll finally
about myself.
face it
we find
that which
for that
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 17 8
Upside down sunglasses
This darling silver
corrodes in the face of
stoic frozen oil.
Surrounding suspensions
and freak my hair out.
Yet never before
had this bonding held
meticulous straits.
One day I will learn
Someday I will mature;
A time so adult.
Forgive my flailing
I grouse as you tread water -
- face me! Hold me.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 9
It has been some time coming.
My hands  h u r t  man.
Blizzards and howling ice shards
were my internal
Thus I sway
to my malleable office chair
of various forms and terrains, here.
Thanks gods around me for
for my vices solicit wandering of
the mind
teaching and paving me through
new, undesired, deviant paths
plus my inevitable future.
Won't I drift
shan't I swivel
I am not productive today
Maybe tomorrow
when no one is watching
and I’ll teach myself
to earn self-beholden
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 6
My visor is sparkling with
the kinetic potentiality
The Oxygence.
It shall never be removed
buckled down
with the long-distance persistence
of cousin
specks of dust
To be Inhaled
I must be humbled
Within this my oxygence chamber
triangular reverence
teaches me
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 11 5
Ten tin tepid tops.
an ace
with the skill
to deflect unjustly cries
of one-sided acceptance from
cruel misguided souls crawling this earth.
Some canvases watercolours have perked their droplets
to elicit a blush or two from the
gradients they travel with, along the angles and bright
Rainbow wall of screams and dreams and love and order
to the madness of equality, unionised by human chemistry.
They're naturally selected, these populations, of dazzling variety
no matter the cross-eyed predators who
so solicit a wrong kind of
blindness. You're invited to the
table of all-rounders.
Don't turn away
because they're
r e a l
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 2


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Mature content
Waters Flow :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 6 0
the pariah's wound
catastrophic conduit, assemblage in lilac
          never had I brooded so fiercely over nothing
     elixirs I have not drank wishing for more, more
           don't you d a r e scream for my heart
      when you disrespect my lungs
           each and every laugh imbued with the love and hatred
                        of too many generations left alive
                   (and too many left for dead)
    the least I could do was let the sun revive your bones
                    the most I could do was let your teeth crumble         
               the consequences of my almost actions ring in my hands
       and I
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 14 5
Brea(d)th by Nullibicity Brea(d)th :iconnullibicity:Nullibicity 9 0
The Solace Stream : Charity Event
I have some very exciting news to share with everyone!
On June 2nd, IKIGAI and KARMATIC will be hosting our first ever charity stream event!

IKIGAI presents the Solace Stream, our very first charity stream brought to you by Karmatic! 
With a goal of $2500 USD and a minimum of 12 hours of streaming, on June 2nd we aim to raise money to help those in need - children in particular - through World Vision InternationalWhile you'll be able to watch the stream on Twitch, donations are taken through Tiltify, but no worries! All the links will be provided in stream. 


Click the poster below to find all the information and links, and ways you can help! Every share, repost, or mention helps.  I will update this as needed, and I will be adding small prizes to those who help us out the most, so stay tuned!
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 1 2
Forest of Liars : Sunset on the wood bridge by Tohad Forest of Liars : Sunset on the wood bridge :icontohad:Tohad 1,961 30 Hi by sebreg Hi :iconsebreg:sebreg 108 25
soft serve soul
       soft serve soul
       tangy setting sun
                dipped in starlight chocolate
             waffle blanket
                        a beautiful addition to the world
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 15 8
golden sunset the pilgrim of hell
does destiny wait for us
does he clutch his breasts in agony?
perhaps his birthing hips are giving way
the sun wastes away every day
a little more
the slightest movement of an inchworm
and the sun is this many seconds until death
:iconslenderblade:slenderblade 5 0
an unknown anguish crashed into me
and has dragged me out of slumber
and i'm lying here with disgusting thoughts
that won't leave my eyes
and they're fit to rupture
like doomed watermelons
why can't she leave me alone
with her sandy hair and
honest heart
from 2003
why are these thoughts
killing me in lust for revenge
and why have i held on
perhaps the barbs are too deep
and i'm lying to myself
who's fault it was
but my heart is worn like brass knuckles
and i'm punching the wall
with these terrifying ideas
that i'd never speak
nor upon which i'd ever act
these sores are tired sores
and the edge is taken off by writing
but i ache something fierce
and the human in me is ready to seek unjust revenge
and i foolishly blame you for
so many things you didn't do
i hate what you've done to me
i hate who you compared me to
i hate that you're gone
i hate that you still exist
but if you died,
i'd hate that you were dead
:iconslenderblade:slenderblade 6 2
in the morning i
wretch, bed vomits me
out, feet sabotage and
catch, head orbiting
i'm eager but
quickly repressed,
steps into the dew
soon find themselves
stretched, failure etched
devoutly into coralled
ankles. i recite the scars,
honest liturgy of daily
dread, what of me should i
forget and what should i
around the corner you
mention me, sparing
no detail. i failed you
in glaring verb omissions,
my loss glowing crisp
in every touch.
i am not much;
it is no secret to me.
i've watched it be prayed
with heaves, heard it
be cursed in eves, felt it
recoil. what worth has
the toil of an unwanted
in the sun i
spin, vertigo of untended
wounds, dizzy as the
earth after eons of
i'm each corpse before
and none after, hardly a
memory but always alone.
glorious throne built
from others, my efforts
never fecund. grip a
gun filled with lack
and hope i never beg it
to act.
i speak when i
keep my mouth shut,
spill truth like i'm
ill and no number of
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 15 6
I'm Sane
stolen from :iconChefia-64: 
1. Do you want a romantic partner?
2. When did your last hug take place
I don't remember, but i probably hugged a cat or more than one cat before leaving home.
3. Are you a jealous person?
Not really.
4. Are you tired right now?
Yes, oh so
5. Do you chew on your straws?
Usually yes
6. Have you ever been called a tease?
Not that i remember
7. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
I don't think so
8. Do you cry easily?
Yes and no
9. What should you be doing right now?
Looking for a job, writing, drawing... I feel like i should be at home sleeping.
10. Are you a heavy sleeper?
Usually yes
11. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
The idea scares me, but maybe if there's a magical person out there who i can like but not feel weird around then sure.
12. Are you mad at someone right now?
Yes, itsame.
13. Do you believe in love?
Of course, all kinds of love.
14. What makes you laugh no matter what?
Vines and funny animal video
:iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 2 6
My favourites from around DA, come and browse!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Hey now, glad you're here. How are you? Talk to me.

I honestly believe we all talk to ourselves, in some way or another. Today, and I am sorry to hop onto the soapbox, but I wish to open a discussion with you. Communication between me and those whom I watch, and those who I watch, matters to me.

I an attempt to talk with myself in a positive light today, I found myself reflecting on my time and presence here. In fact, after examining my profile to clean up any messy bits I did not like, I realised I have one hundred artists watching me. 

One hundred. Hot damn, what happened here?

Is what I asked myself - where did these lovely people come from and what possessed them to press that button?
I am sure the answer varies, and I wish to thank you all dearly for being here. I would never have guessed I would be this lucky to have so many around to bring me such joy - seems like the last I checked, I had five watchers and I was rapt!

You know as well as I do that it is not the numbers, the quantity of entities that makes for a fulfilling time, but it is their quality. Thus, I am blessed.

Thank you all for everything. May the happiness not stop anytime soon!

Now, enough about me; what is news with you? I am a dummy! 
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Artist | Literature
Welcome, glad to have you! You caught Mark a little off-guard up there; see it so surprised! It helps me do what I love - you've got your own personal version of it inside you ;D

I love books, and stories are a passion of mine. Here, I hope to share and interact with you artists, and maybe even provide you a nice story!

Please feel free to chat or contact me via comments, notes, or even through email:!

I am also an editor for projecteducate, a group dedicated to sharing information on all things DeviantArt, art techniques, and more!

Click around, and spend a little time to enjoy a periodic fable.


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