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and he walked down the street
(It was an uncommon path)
    Scenic to only
    those who regularly
    dedicate the
    pious lactic acid
    to the calves
    as they move near their homes.
    he walked
    in the musk of evening
    that December sunset.
(He couldn't tell if he's lost his way)
    And then again
    he was asking for it
    with his backpack
    and sunscreen
    in crushing foreign suburbia
    that wasn't
    the corkscrew hats and
    punching kangaroos and
    nude beach he'd
    been told to suspect.
(Yet it was liveable and explorable)
    It's charm would
    wax on
    and wane off
    as he spent the time
    trudging along
    that fir
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 5 6
[Thrash] out the rest.
You need not find
a procrasfantastic method
to take the
edge off of your efforts.
[You simply must do it.]
With a pace and poignancy
entirely your own
unrefined and awakening
from the Fear
that there
to your creating
to your creation.
For if not you,
there is someone out there
who'll love it to the
miniscule iotas
of its existence.
and the hesitance
you gasp out in
all these
choking palpitations
the clutch
of any
thing has on you
shall subside
in time.
You'll smile
that you did it
way you managed to
and you'll find
the miraculous
ability to do so
maybe in a new
way next time.
[Make Fear fear you.]
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 5 9
Stockholm syndrome
and similarly I do think
that this time
and times past
do ravage the psyche
who constantly thinks uncomfortably and irrevocably resorts to the emotional
when the logical
when the pragmatic
and when the wishful
in solace.
It was what I found
in my cage
in the occasion
and in the related chains
and broken wings
as I continue to a new era
with different faded scars
than before
I miss
the original chains
then and now
love them and that security in captivity
prior to this dosage
of living.
and in times to come
where I think and feel
an effervescent battle within
and need more time
and that they're light years from me
perhaps I'll need 
new parts
for my conscience and cuffs
Because I wasn't sick then
and I'm not now
I'm shaking
in the sinister face
of what is to come.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 12
Oh my
I am
so very
of what I
feel it
it's coming
there goes
built during
the year
for this
here I
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 4 3
upon this tiny page I
a mark
to fence
with barbed wire and apple cores
a stance
per stanza.
Flicked are the pebbles
that colour the flesh
as they're
across the ruler
for the systematic justice
bruises and
kilometres away.
humble and recycled
is the scrap
population under that
steel, thorned crown.
displaced lust
would you take a gaze
at the empty eyes
and verbally separated
You can mock me
defiant and deviant
you can't
conceive it
my skinned shine power
i am far from
for to rule
must step down and out.
only change since then
is that
partition away
from your
big-space dictatorship
and you're
too rigid
to do anything about it.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 0
I have
nothing left
you see.
It is this wuthering
weather and
useless windshield wipers
battling for
the gradient
that inhibits my
arterial flow.
from grey to red
immortal go
to rapidly tease
increase the rate
of my
You've not
much to offer
to me.
A lone praying
mantis without
the inherent strength to
fight for survival.
And I hope
one day the
rain will
fall to a stop.
And that
all the colours
of the rainbow
and its combinations
find the treasure
left in this world
It's a lovely
sight to behold.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 17
to hack up this food
is to start the thought that this
end is redundant.
the ghostly shuffle
warns of the fate that befalls
the bold, the living
who, while in their cold
isolation, cooking and
cleaning and such lies,
block and supress and
testify to the childish
sentiment of care.
To grow up is a
quandary, symbiotic
to the lost and scared.
they chow their cold food
wondering about its worth,
clean-up, and horizons.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 5 2
when the fabric stretches
and my esteem
is taut
feel the confounding stacking
of saccharine kilos
parasitic but
not lecherous enough.
you may rightly wonder why
I continue to
spend time
this way,
too question the realism of
my desires and needs
since, after all
aren't I
investing in my future?
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 8 27
A little less conversation
"I wrote a poem."
That's gay.
"Some insult."
You want to be a girl?
"Nope. Just myself."
Can't feel what's in your pants?
"More so than you, apparently."
Jeez, you could calm down, savage.
"Don't you want to be able to say that to yourself?
Say what, numbnuts?
"I wrote a poem."
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 6 19
Queen V.
I love it when you smile
your laughter pulls me away
from what paranoia the world may lead me to think
more riveting than any sonata.
You teach the intangible
through action and looks
that range in message-type like “what’re you on about?”
to “that’s the stuff, munchkin”.
You claim the soul you carry
is ironically black like your real leather jacket
but you represent nothing of the connotations’ life
you exude light
and love
that I try to pass on
in my work
in my play
in the times I try to bend your cheeks
to make room for your smile
which echoes your blessed resilient heart
stronger than any ocean.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 12 10
the easy way out(ta them)
not knowing themself
they glanced over
to indulge in
that pickled honeycomb
vision of arcane.
Who fluffs the
cotton in the
air threatening to
dry the lungs
of the innocent
glamour, who's blind
and always mute.
It's a cliché but
stalking heat of
truth that they
fight with each
glance their way.
To beckon forth
the siren who'll
silence them eternally
will save face.
they're scared to love.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 29
Away from me
Your split visage
accepts me so gorgeously.
With your eyes reflecting adoring,
yet gracious,
and your smile bravely connecting
the words to heart.
Take it.
You deserve nothing less
and I am blessed to
know the smooth and clunky
spectacle of a person
you so lovingly are.
Take it.
The growl of the anxious
the depressed
the hesitant
the self-roasting
feel it bubble wrap
the gentle muffle
of the price popping within.
Take it.
Savour the sweeteners
that are the
truths in your window panes
and where I sit
at your windowsill
is the paper weight
of reminders.
Take it.
Repetitiveness of the hypocritically close
I should hope
in spite of it all you'll accept more
to come from me.
To hear and validate
that balance of
Take it.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 9 12
writeme readme
(This is an idea and I will always be with you
so keep me in
your thoughts
I'll haunt
am that messy midnight scrawl
of abstract and nightmarish letters
only your
sheets can comprehend.
You wrote me
so deal with it.
(This is that incoherent piece you wrote out of
since the mess was just as crazy as you were at the time of idea birthing
and you're
oddly compelled
and you
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 10
Fasten your dough
and it ain't half bad
half bad
half bad
ain't all it's revved up for
this dying race
dying race
blow up your face
on the greying kitchen wall
and I fell to the floor
from the wall
down the wall
and I hadn't seized the day
so when I shut the door
to be bad
be in bed
see false promise in some sleep
the lying sweetness
ain't half bad
half bad
half bad
it's raw.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 2
are exorcised  
    dive in
out of your body
And your mind changes
 the searing agony  
of it all  
adjusting to ill-fitting
eyes that dare  
face the world   
You're better anew
                      back home
confused with    
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 7 13
Running through my hands
Rotting, stinking sandpit
at the kindergarten.
The communal land of grit
far from home
is filled to the brim.
It will get into
all the crevices
and travel the years
an unreactive spectator.
In the land of childish
frivolity, no imagination was
cuffed to its cage, no toy
left unplayed.
No insult left undelivered
and the out of water
salty perfume lingering.
Long since, sunken through
the skin
such bitter and salt
solution pumps
the heart
of the one trying
to walk away.
:iconperiodicfable:PeriodicFable 12 9


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Wow me, I got tagged by the awesome H0p3-t0-D13 - feeling quite special today I am a dummy! I'm normally a little shy about these, but I appreciate it heaps, thank you H0p3!Hug 

- Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions for those you tag.
- Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Sherlock Holmes 
- Don't say "you're tagged if you read this".
- It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
- No tagging back.

1. Tell me about a time you really appreciated your shoes. 
Shoes are ace man. So many different styles, such power to really make an outfit, and different fits on the foot - when I'm out and I'm in the shoe section, I just quietly gaze at some, I fear. Whenever I wear some that are a little more fancy, I appreciate how they somehow look decent on me, that they last for hours, and how they make me feel. For a more specific time, I had a formal in Year 11, and the shoes I wore (black, versatile, slick) served me well through dancing four odd hours into the night.

2. What's your favorite summer food, and why? 
Dont be annoyed when I tell you I don't know please. I don't often think of food being season-specific other than some soups being more cosy for colder weather and for barbecues being for a nice summer. Even then, my family events often have a barbecue where we cook and eat delicious Greek food La la la la So, I would have to say barbecue, for lack of anything else more creative!

3. Do you post your artistry anywhere else? 
*flails hand at you cutie H0p3* Aw you. No, I am only posting my stuff in DeviantArt. Ain't no other, I - I - I need no other. However, of you post elsewhere, let me know so I can follow it!

4. Do you like salad? Any kind counts, but you should be specific. 
I lurve salad. However, as any other, I have standards and needs for my salads when they're not homemade. I'm not necessarily a fan of raw tomato, for instance. As for specific salads... I cannot think of salads with names that I have actually tried, like Caesar for instance. But I'll eat salad with you, don't worry. I also like fruit salad, and now I am craving it haha!

5. Call or text? 
I generally text, but I encourage calls if it's serious/urgent/you need to actually talk.

6. Ever had a run-in with the police? Can you tell me about it? 
In primary school, a kid's mum came in to talk about her work as a policewoman. Otherwise, nope *knocks wood*.

7. What kind of shows do you watch on tv? (If you don't, what do you do with your spare time?) 
I don't really TV anymore, but I'll turn to Netflix if there's a show people in my life need me to watch - home has grown a humongous collection of movies over the years so I'm spoilt for options. I love a variety of genres! In my spare time, I try to get myself organised, I read, write, or catch up on some channels on YouTube, and I also hang out here! ((I make it to the gym when I can))

8. Jewelry person or nah? 
I am, I suppose. My ears are pierced, so they're ready to change from my sleepers to something fancier, and when I've an event I make an effort with some bling, generally. Jewellery, too, is special as an accessory. 

9. When you sleep is it better to be too warm or too cold? fluffyblanketsforthewin 
Sometimes this first world struggle is too real. Look, I will say I would rather it be a too cold than too warm, since too much heat is worse than being freezing at night. Warm nights are great, but summer here can yeild nights where you're sweating, tossing, and suffering in your own skin all night. I have a thin/thick doona as needed La la la la  

10. Are you experimental with your art? Would you try a different medium from your preferred one once in a while? 
I try to be! Years ago I would actually draw/sketch with pencil on paper, and when I write cards I generally cover the left-hand side of the card with drawings/comics/comments, but I lost the time, will, and dilusion of skill to continue drawing. These notebooks are still around, and I intend to make use of them as I did with my Masked Kanji series, for example. Outside of this, I want to keep an open mindset; I always try to change my poems up in content, style, voice, etc. because we will all get headaches otherwise, and dA allows for some opportunities to play around with different mediums :D The folks I watch are plenty inspiring too.

11. Fond of antiques? Or more modern? i'm a typewriter person myself i even got an electric one from an old lady 
OOOOH SHOW US sounds incredible! I'm still finding my style in the world, but I generally find more modern styles to be more pleasing than overly vintage/retro stuff. But I love both worlds. Interesting question, thank you!

12. Rather read old books or new books? (Or both or neither i suppose) 
Both of them all please thank you goodnight. I've a busy year, so there has been no time to read for pleasure, but know I would if I could. Look out, local library! 

13. Do you have any superstitions? Can I read about them? 
I find it hard to separate superstitions from traditions, which often end up holding each other's hands. Most of the ye olde ones like "seven years bad luck from breaking a mirror", or "fear the black cat" or something don't resonate with me, they're more interesting to me than anything else. 
I don't have anything underneath my bed, stored or otherwise, if that answers the question - I can't think of any!

Thank you heaps for the interesting questions, and for tagging me! Hug 

I now tag the following awesome souls (who hopefully haven't been tagged already, by god peeps are swift):

((If you do not wish to respond to this tag, then by all means do not worry about it!))

And your questions are:
1: Do you enjoy your week, or pine for the weekend?
2: Have you ever been overseas?
3: Do you enjoy Asian, or a particular, cuisine?
4: Why did you chose the username you did?
5: Do you have trouble sleeping?
6: If you could give a stranger some advice, what would you say to them?
7: Are you a collector of something?
8: Have you ever had a time where you really appreciated your hands?
9: Do you wear a watch?
10: Do you enjoy reading? Do you prefer any particular genre?
11: Why did you join DeviantArt?
12: Any short-term goals (that maybe we can help with)?
13: What do you look forward to, whether it be tomorrow, this month, this year?

Feel free to fill this out if you want to!

Have a wonderful week peeps!


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Welcome, glad to have you! You caught Mark a little off-guard up there; see it so surprised! It helps me do what I love - you've got your own personal version of it inside you ;D

I love books, and stories are a passion of mine. Here, I hope to share and interact with you artists, and maybe even provide you a nice story!

Please feel free to chat or contact me via comments, notes, or even through email:!

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83 deviations
(It was an uncommon path)
    Scenic to only
    those who regularly
    dedicate the
    pious lactic acid
    to the calves
    as they move near their homes.
    he walked
    in the musk of evening
    that December sunset.

(He couldn't tell if he's lost his way)
    And then again
    he was asking for it
    with his backpack
    and sunscreen
    in crushing foreign suburbia
    that wasn't
    the corkscrew hats and
    punching kangaroos and
    nude beach he'd
    been told to suspect.

(Yet it was liveable and explorable)
    It's charm would
    wax on
    and wane off
    as he spent the time
    trudging along
    that first day away
    in the wrong part
    of a
    from home

(Down under, sun asunder)
    With 'merci' on his wrist
    and Buddha
    around his
    toxic muscle heads of
    melding helplessness
    to their
    turn the corner

(He brought his eyes down from the trees, rooftops and sky
and he walked down the street
This piece was featured in LePostmodernPoet's first ever publication of the New Thoreau Quarterly - feel free to submit some writing for future issues, I was lucky to have two poems in this debut issue!
I'd love to hear what you think!

This is my work, not yours, so you cannot reproduce, copy or edit this work without my permission. Each artist is protected by copyright.
294 deviations

In nine more days, it will have been a year since I joined DeviantArt! 

6 deviants said Why did you join the day before Valentines?
3 deviants said Man, feels like you've been here forever ugh ;)
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Sat Mar 18, 2017, 4:35 PM
Scooby doobee doooooooo!
Tue Jan 10, 2017, 6:09 PM
Am I glad he's frozen in there and that we're out here, and that he's the sheriff, and that we're frozen out here, and that we're in there and I just remembered we're out here. What I wanna know is where's the caveman?
Tue Jan 10, 2017, 5:49 PM
This is new! Come and SHOUT with me!
Sat Dec 10, 2016, 2:38 PM


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